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Web-synthesis, A Full Service Web Studio That Help Our Clients Expand Their Digital Reach

We have been working since 2009, and during that time have completed over 300 projects since the beginning of our agency at different levels of complexity, which can be found on the page "Portfolio". Our office is located in Nikolaev, but we are working closely with customers from other countries.

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Promotional website
"Promotional website" - is a site designed specifically for the promotion of any goods or services, or the main site of the company. Almost always it is non-essential site of the company and create a company specifically to promote a specific product or product group.
  • Site design: standard
  • The size of site: more than 1 pages
  • Period of execution: more than 3 day
  • Site price: more than 100 у.е.

Business cards
Sites "Business cards" are simple in execution, but, nevertheless, the right approach to the development and promotion, to achieve the desired result and excellent job with all the tasks set by the customer. This is a small website, usually consisting of one to three Web pages and containing basic information about the organization, private person, company, products or services, price list and contact information. If you are interested in low-cost building site, the "Card" will be the right choice for success.
  • Site design: standard
  • The size of site: up to 3 pages.
  • Period of execution: more than 1 week
  • Site price: more than 200 у.е.

Site directory
"Site directory" - the perfect solution for companies that have a list of goods and services accounts for more than one hundred printed pages. Structurally, the electronic catalog resembles an online store where you can see detailed information about the product, but is missing the opportunity to buy it, pay, etc. To manage a site provides a convenient content management system (CMS), which allows users to easily update text and photos independently.
  • Site design: standard
  • The size of site: more than 10 pages
  • Period of execution: more than 1 week
  • Site price: more than 300 у.е.

Online Store
"Online Store" – a dynamic website advertises goods or services, receiving purchase orders, offering the user the choice of calculation options, issue invoices for payment, an employee at the same time the order confirmation; is present on the site admin panel which monitors the store manager orders, their status, informs the customer keeps statistics and others.
  • Site design: standard
  • The size of site: more than 10 pages
  • Period of execution: more than 2 week
  • Site price: more than 400 у.е.

"Corporate" site needs to automate internal workflow, the account of the company`s management staff, can be equipped with the functions of information exchange between remote branch offices; corporate site has a positive impact on the reputation and image of the company; this is a great full-featured site, consisting of tens or even hundreds of pages, with no limit on the number of levels (nested sections) and the number of pages in sections. The site is created for a particular company or companies.
  • Site design: individual
  • The size of site: more than 20 pages
  • Period of execution: more than 4 week
  • Site price: more than 1000 у.е.

Internet portal
"Internet portal" - an interactive entertainment complex project involving a large attendance and resource. Using the portal visitor can head in any direction interest him. This user-friendly interface, which helps to orient in the network to find the information over the internet. In addition to the navigation part of the portal has the original content - news, reviews, financial reports and of the service, which includes a variety of services - mail, forums, weather information, message boards, polls, entertainment, etc.
  • Site design: individual
  • The size of site: more than 20 pages
  • Period of execution: more than 4 week
  • Site price: more than 2000 у.е.

Our Team

Over the years we have gained lots of experience with different systems, plug-ins and partners and improved our processes in terms of project management and quality assurance to an optimum.

John Doe

Roman Bilak

director, PHP-programmer

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George Wyne

Olga Bugaeva

front-end developer

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Jack Sparrow

Maks Sapognikov


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Jack Smith

Anna Maruschak

project manager

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Jack Sparrow

Michail Vasilev


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